Aston is the lead university located in the West Midlands. The University is committed to investing in outreach activities and ensuring progression to higher education is made possible for underrepresented groups.

The focus is on the professional development of those who teach to ensure outstanding student outcomes and to provide staff with enhanced career prospects.

In the UK we will involve the Widening Participation and Community Engagement units at the university and beyond.

The Active Community Engagement Programme (ACE) has maintained its focus on working with disadvantaged areas of the local community (some of the inner city wards adjoining the University are amongst the most deprived in the UK with a high proportion of pupils from ethnic minorities, and FE/HE participation rates well below the national average) whilst expanding the geographical spread, increasing the number of community organisations, and diversifying the range of opportunities Student Tutoring continued into in 26 local schools. ACE activities took place at 8 schools and 18 community groups. Some schools are involved in both programmes. The total number of schools supported by the Birmingham volunteering programme is 38. Students from BME backgrounds are well represented in both programmes, as are students with a disability. There are a significantly higher proportion of female students involved than male students.



21.YY Egitimciler Dernegi

21. YY Eğitimciler Derneği (21st Century Educators Association) is a newly established Turkish NGO which aims at the exchange of teaching knowledge, promoting innovative training methods and tolerance among different countries through assisting teachers ,parents ,adults and young people in acquiring new abilities, the development of creativity, knowledge of foreign languages, cultures, human rights,etc. Our main aim is to provide the exchange of innovative educational methods and experiences; training young people, parents, adults ,teachers and leaders committed to education, human rights, democracy and inclusion; contribute to the process of transformation and improvement of the European teaching by providing professional competences, personal skills development such as trust, responsibility and taking decisions. Our vision is to provide a non-formal education, based on sharing of opportunities and experience related to schooling, to give to educators, tutors and pedagogues a chance to improve their teaching skills, to learn modern techniques to be able to guide students/puplis along a career path and social and vocational life. 21.YY Eğitimciler Derneği associates university entities, public bodies, companies, training centers, as well as intellectuals, professionals and volunteers who contribute their ideas and experiences for the change and improvement of the society.

The scope of the association is to provide flexible non-formal education programs in various fields within the framework of lifelong learning, guidance and councelling services especially for disadvantaged ones including special needs and women.

21.YY Egitimciler Dernegi

Hasan Efendi Ramazan Pasa Mah.Dogu Gazi Bul No 28/72 Efeler/Turkey


The biggest High School in French Polynesia, With one HeadMaster, M.BEUCHOT Phillipe and 3 Assistant HeadMaster. We were 2 different High school, Taaone an Aorai, but this year 2019-2020, French State, but precisely, Vice-rector who represent Minister o Education, here in French Polynesia, decide to merge to one big high school for many reasons. So now, in our school, new school Title Lycée Diademe, Te tara o Mai’ao, there are 257 teachers to help succeed 2444 students. It’s a general and vocational High School, architecture, network and maintenance, electric maintenance, management, and marketing.

Drop out students are really one of the biggest problems in our country due to the point of view of the families towards continuing studying at schools as they generally deal with farming, fishing, and tourism. They see no future in attending a high school education. The drop-out rates are far more above the EU rates in our oceanic country. We would like to join this project, because we saw by doing Erasmus+ project, the importance of helping students to succeed in life, by learning another way, with meeting with new friends and students, immersion in life and school, and of course by travelling other countries. For most of them, then you coordinator and partners, it is the travel of life, and it makes them an open mind and better host and student. Such opportunities can present the students not to leave their school life and give up the possible brilliant life ahead of them


Rue Tihoni Tefaatau, BP 51131, PIRAE, France


MUSEV is established newly, to give services to the population in the fields of Health, Education

and Economics. MUSEV operates with its mainly 50 members working voluntarily, for development of cultural solidarity of population lives in Ankara, as because of settled in, also in Mucur/Kırşehir which makes MUSEV, a national initiative.

The foundation has 5 volunteers as management board, 50 staff working as board members working in project-based voluntarily. Foundation has members working in every kind of professional fields.

The Foundation aims to carry out supporting activities that the public can hear in the field of education and health. For this purpose, the management team of 5 people was supported by the professionals who can contribute from different professional fields of expertise. These areas are mainly for Health and Education;

  • Agriculture,
  • Project,
  • Economy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Life Long Learning
  • Employment and social inclusion
  • Regional Development
  • E-learning
  • Youth Guidance
  • SME Counselling
  • Literacy
  • Vulnerable Groups (children, ethnic groups/minorities, persons with a limited lifespan, persons suffering from dementia, persons with mental disorders, abusers of drugs and alcohol and persons with disabilities)
  • Literacy
  • Active Ageing
  • Promotion of Life Long Learning
  • Sport

MUSEV management board and members are mostly working all fields above and wish to carry their experiences to Europe, finds valuable to get interact with professionals in Europe.

Foundation started to shape its structure on the behalf of this aim. Foundation recruited continuous staff to manage daily activities, like researches, publications.

Hacı Bayram Mah. Eşme Sok. No:2/1 Ulus/Altındağ/Ankara/Turkey


Stimmuli is a non-profit organisation envisioning to inspire future education and ignite positive change in society. To achieve its mission, the organisation designs and implements educational and empowerment projects that cultivate changemaking attitudes, inject entrepreneurial thinking and nudge behavioural shifts for more sustainable lifestyles. In more detail, Stimmuli’s work falls into the following categories:

Learning design and assessment. Stimmuli designs inclusive educational programmes and curriculum for equipping learners of all educational levels (from primary and secondary to higher and adult level education) with 21st century competencies (social, civic and entrepreneurial), fostering knowledge, understanding and ownership of values and attitudes.

Stimmuli also brings expertise in the assessment of complex educational interventions with emphasis on competence progression by adopting evaluation methodologies inspired by the realist theories and tools.

Training and capacity building. Stimmuli develops tailored made material and programmes and delivers training and capacity building activities to individuals and organisations with the aim to provide them with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes for strengthening a culture of continuous social innovation. We work in a variety of fields and disciplines ranging from primary to higher education and adult education. In more detail, we develop and offer: Teacher’s professional development workshops, Educational workshops and events, “Train the trainer” sessions as well as empowerment and youth development programs.

Social Research. Stimmuli carries out research on a variety of topics related to social innovation, education, (social) entrepreneurship and sustainable development by employing a mix of tools and approaches which usually take the following forms: State of the art analysis, Training needs analysis, Best practice research, Evaluation and Impact assessment,Research and policy design.

Project Management. Our team brings more than 10 years of experience in the coordination, management, financial monitoring and reporting of EU funded projects. Leveraging this experience Stimmuli has the capacity to design, develop and coordinate successful and impactful research and innovation projects.

Stimmuli currently employs full time four persons and has a stable collaboration with a network of external experts that support the activities of the organizations as subcontractors according to the needs.




The Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work (DFW2W) is an independent, non-profit organisation which supports professionals (e.g. EU partners/institutes, municipalities, councils, provinces, governments, employment agencies, training providers, non-profit organisations) and (young) citizens in the fields of employment, job matching & mobility, traineeship, education, income, social inclusion, equal participation of women and men, social security, social innovation, welfare, entrepreneurship and environment, climate and quality of life.

Our goal is to set up partnerships, platforms and hubs for innovative good practices in our fields of specialism, developing (digital) information for young citizens and professionals about employment strategies, networking, legislation and regulation, the social map of the Netherlands and other countries (e.g. EU, UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, etc.). Social innovation is one of our priorities.